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The Boston Boho Flower Preservation


Display your precious
moments forever



You've already spent thousands of dollars on your wedding flowers, so why let them die? Invest a little more and be able to display them as an art piece in your home. These  sparkling beauties will add color and sentimental value to your space. Simply show them off on their own or use them as centerpieces, night lights, paperweights, or bookends. Be sure to also shop our various home decor items and smaller objects.


Just ship your flowers and we'll do the rest!

Save your date

Reach out to us before purchasing to secure your date

Ship your flowers

After your event, send us your fresh bouquet as soon as possible

Design your block

Flowers are immediately preserved & designed

Carefully preserved & custom made 

After your event, make sure you or a loved one can ship your flowers immediately (a great job for a bridesmaid!) We can guide you with packing instructions and helpful tips.

In order to maintain a more vibrant color and structure, the blooms are preserved in a special chemical called silica gel. If the event has passed or it's just not possible to ship them in a timely manner, do you best to air dry your flowers in a safe space or press them if you know how. Pressed or air dried flowers and greens are also acceptable, but may appear more dull compared to the silica process. 

The Boston Boho Flower Preservation Pouring Video

Designed & poured to perfection

Depending on the types of flowers in your bouquet, the preservation process can take anywhere between 1-3 weeks. When the blooms are completely dried and moisture free, they are ready to be designed. You will receive two compositions to choose from, or you can opt out and be surprised. After your design has been finalized, the resin pouring begins and is done in several thin layers, with 24 hour curing periods in between. Depending on the size, 5-10 layers may need to be poured. The amount of blooms that can fit into a block also varies depending on what size you choose. Not all flowers dry equally and only the best looking flowers will be used in your piece. Please read the FAQs for more details.

Save your date!

Please reach out in advance to ensure that there is availability for your delivery date. Due to the time consuming process and urgent bouquet preservation, only a limited amount of orders can be accepted per month. If your flowers are already dried, your order may be able to be completed quicker, but you will still need to secure your delivery date ahead of time.

Don't forget, these aren't just for wedding flowers! Have one made as a memorial of a lost loved one, a newborn, home garden blooms, or create a display of hand-written notes, fabric, and other sentimental objects too.




Coming Soon!


large rectangle or tray

set of coasters


small jewlery tray


Lauren - Boston, MA

"I absolutely LOVE my preserved flowers and am so excited to be able to have them forever. This service is amazing and so well done. I was even able to get my mom's bouquet preserved as a post wedding thank you gift."



Whether your celebrating a milestone moment or preserving memories of the past, flower preservation art is the most thoughtful and unique treasure to gift or to have. Learn more about the artist behind the blooms!


Let's face it...this is slightly more complicated than handing the newlyweds a check, but I promise, it's worth it! Read all about The Boston Boho below.

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